Re: Tired of Waiting: Please Help!

From: Daniel Dudley <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 16:35:37 GMT
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"Johan Groenewald" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> I need advice on a database system which maybe doesn't
> exist. So if there's anything remotely able to address my
> wishlist I beg you to let me know.
> The database software that I'm looking for should fill a
> gap in my productivity that is drivinge crazy. Here's the
> problem:
> Check any university humanities, social science or
> management science handbooks and you will see that the
> knowledge is presented/depicted in the following ways:
> 1. Headings followed by text paragraphs.
> 2. Alpha-numerical tables e.g. a table of countries' GNP.
> 3. Classification tables e.g. typologies.
> 4. Diagrams (arrows indicating dynamic relationships
> between "variables").
> 5. Graphics (pictures).
> 6. Lists of characteristics or attributes.
> 7. Hierarchical data e.g. organograms and outlines.
> Is there a piece of database software which will allow me
> to import text, spreadsheet tables, graphics or whatever?

I believe so: IBM's DB2 Universal Database System with extensions. Check it out at:

> Offer a choice between various input screens in ordere to
> type in respectively text, tables, lists etc. and add
> annotations.
> The thing should be able to search fast and export data to
> wordprocessors, HTML, XML, spreadsheets etc.
> Please let me know if there's anything matching this?

Again, DB2 handles this through OLE/native applications for the data. Do check it out!

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