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From: Johan Groenewald <>
Date: 29 Jan 2002 03:01:22 -0800
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Bernard Peek <> wrote in message news:<

>What you want is the perfect database . . . No, nobody has built one yet.

Thanks for the reply Bernard.

Yes I guess what I'm describing is near perfect from my own perspective. And that will be to enter data once and keep it in a kind of album for future use. Does "perfect" and "nobody has built one yet" refer to unatainability in terms of R&D, program complexities and market potential?

Thanks for the link to Idealist. I've checked it before when it was marketed by a UK company (Black_____?) and I even think Oxford University Press. I'm glad to see that the program is being upgraded for integration with the web. I'm downloading the demo and will evaluate it.

I've also checked askSam and I use the free Windows version i giveaway for small little tasks. I'm not confident that even the latest version (4.1) can do things that I would like it to do. Seems the program keeps going because of the favourable comments that the DOS version received many years ago.


Johan Groenewald

 that can store data in any format
> then index it, search it for whatever you want to find and export the
> data in any format you desire. No, nobody has built one yet.
> You might like to consider free-form database like Idealist (take a look
> at it may do what you want.
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