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From: Bernard Peek <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 22:05:00 +0000
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In message <>, Johan Groenewald <> writes

>1. Headings followed by text paragraphs.
>2. Alpha-numerical tables e.g. a table of countries' GNP.
>3. Classification tables e.g. typologies.
>4. Diagrams (arrows indicating dynamic relationships between
>5. Graphics (pictures).
>6. Lists of characteristics or attributes.
>7. Hierarchical data e.g. organograms and outlines.
>Is there a piece of database software which will allow me to import
>text, spreadsheet tables, graphics or whatever?
>Offer a choice between various input screens in ordere to type in
>respectively text, tables, lists etc. and add annotations.
>The thing should be able to search fast and export data to
>wordprocessors, HTML, XML, spreadsheets etc.
>Please let me know if there's anything matching this?

What you want is the perfect database that can store data in any format then index it, search it for whatever you want to find and export the data in any format you desire. No, nobody has built one yet.

You might like to consider free-form database like Idealist (take a look at it may do what you want.

Bernard Peek

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