Re: Tree structures in an RDBMS

From: --CELKO-- <>
Date: 24 Jan 2002 09:49:30 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>> Has anybody here read David Rozenshtein's "Tree & Graph Processing
SQL"? I have been looking everywhere for a copy of it. <<

It was published by SQL Forum Press, an imprint of SQL Forum amgazine. I honestly do not know if the magazine is still in business. My copy is in the garage in a box under a poile of junk ... just like every other book anyone asks about.

It was very Sybase oriented and used the adjacency list model for graphs.

Dave is still teaching college and you might be able to get in contact with him directly at work or by email. Received on Thu Jan 24 2002 - 18:49:30 CET

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