Re: Mathematica RDBMS Model

From: Jan Hidders <>
Date: 22 Jan 2001 10:26:59 GMT
Message-ID: <94h1tj$e88$>

Michal Widera wrote:
> That is it!
> So, you got the picture!

Yep, it usually takes me a while, but I always get there in the end. :-)  

> When i construct such model i need to find how it statisicaly behave
> when i put in some kind of neural hashing module :-) (for instance)

Neural hashing? What on earth is that? Are you talking about using neural networks? And what would you let these networks do? Decide which transactions go first? What transactions should be rollbacked? Or what?

> The problem of locking .. hmm.. i'know. I schould find a statistical
> connection between size of database, type of signals which come to
> model, and types of answers.

No you don't. You first have to find out *if* there is a statistical connnection. :-) Maybe you should first simply build a simulation of a database (or a real one) and see if you can find any statistical relationships.

> but of course i can't make such assumption - 90%.
> I looking around to find appromimate mathematical tool.
> Maybe M/M/1 is not the best - by the way - thx for advice!
> But is there any other beter statistical tool ?

Good question. I'm afraid I don't know any.

> Very interesting is high load problem in such model. - isn't it ? In
> some cases i feel that neural module may be best solution. There are
> still lot's of job to be done. :-)

Yes, there is. That reminds me; I have to get back to work now. :-)

  Jan Hidders
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