Install problems !!!!!

From: Oldgrad <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:15:18 GMT
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HI all
Apologies for the cross post, there appears to be 2 groups

I have just recieved a pile of discs from my uni lecturer for Oracle 9i and the developer suite, he told me that this was free to use for single users and developers, (only costs when releasing apps), however when i try to install the database universal installer is wanting a code (i thought this was free) it asks to register i had already registered prior.

when i click on the link provided from installer i get taken to a survey window asking questions about a book name etc (never purchased a book.)when all is finished the web site gives a message that a key will be emailed to the address supplied (i never gave one) only at registration prior.

Subsequently nothing has happened no email has arrived ( how can it i never gave them one no facility provided)

So now i am really confused, i had no problem installing developer suite. so if some one could help out with this problem i would be very grateful.

have searched high and lo on the oracle web site but there is nothing on actual registration

OS win xp pro
Athlon 1.2 ghtz
Ram 512 mb
HD 80 gb
2 HD 40 Gb

any help appreciated Received on Mon Dec 08 2003 - 22:15:18 CET

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