Re: Pro*C question (how to get the function type)

From: Tim Smith <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 01:46:07 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Tobias Lindgren) writes:
>When using OCI (Oracle Call Interfaces), the SQL function type is
>returned in cda.ft after a call to oparse(). Is it possible to get the
>same information when using Embedded SQL in C (Pro*C), e.g. in the
In Pro*C V2.x, there is a new SQLLIB function called sqlgls(). It returns, in one of its parameters, just that.

I'm not sure, but it might be in some V1.6 distributions also. Try it, the prototype is

int sqlgls(char *sqlstmt, long *stmtlen, long *sqlfc);

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