Re: Accessing Oracle database from cobol

From: James Fidell <>
Date: 23 Dec 1993 11:54:43 GMT
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In article <2fbe4v$g78_at_karhu.Helsinki.FI>, mvarila_at_karhu.Helsinki.FI (Mikael J Varila) writes:


> 2. The newer one (better one?) is the MF Cobol Transparency System (I
> am not quite certain of the name, this is all by memory). This system
> enables you to access databases without any modifications to the cobol
> code and requiring only a recompile. When you recompile your programs
> using the Transparency System, your standard cobol filehandler will
> be replaced with one, that can access both standard C-ISAM files, and
> some databases. You just tell the file handler which files to map to
> database tables and what cobol fields equal what table columns. If I
> understand correctly, both C-ISAM and database files can be accessed
> at the same time.

It's called CST (COBOL/SQL Transparency).

> This system is not released on the AIX system (correct me if I am
> wrong), but will be soon.

As far as I know, you are correct.

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