Re: Accessing Oracle database from cobol

From: Mikael J Varila <mvarila_at_karhu.Helsinki.FI>
Date: 23 Dec 1993 08:34:07 +0200
Message-ID: <2fbe4v$g78_at_karhu.Helsinki.FI>

Mark S. Winsor (wmark_at_mswinsor) wrote:

: mvarila_at_karhu.Helsinki.FI (Mikael J Varila) writes:

: > Mark S. Winsor (wmark_at_mswinsor) wrote:
: > : I have a need to access an Oracle database from some old cobol code that
: > : will be using the Microfocus Cobol/2 compiler on AIX. What do I need, or
: > : is it possible, to do this effectively.
: >
: > One question first: what level of the MF Cobol are you using? Is it perhaps
: > 3.0? Or 1.0 (which is actually VS Cobol)?
: >

: It is 3.1 Microfocus for AIX.

Good. Here are some impressions I have gathered:

  1. One way is to recode your code to use embedded SQL, and than compile it with the Oracle precompiler. This is the older method.
  2. The newer one (better one?) is the MF Cobol Transparency System (I am not quite certain of the name, this is all by memory). This system enables you to access databases without any modifications to the cobol code and requiring only a recompile. When you recompile your programs using the Transparency System, your standard cobol filehandler will be replaced with one, that can access both standard C-ISAM files, and some databases. You just tell the file handler which files to map to database tables and what cobol fields equal what table columns. If I understand correctly, both C-ISAM and database files can be accessed at the same time.

This system is not released on the AIX system (correct me if I am wrong), but will be soon.

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