Re: ORACLE on a 8088/80286 PC. Possible?

From: Richard D Holowczak <>
Date: 22 Dec 93 23:32:59 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Graeme Lockley) writes:

>We have a client who has a number of old PCs which they are reluctant to
>discard. In installing ORACLE on a server, they have requested that we use
>the old hardware (8088/80286) as effectivley as possible. Can this be done?

   For the 808x family, forget it.

   I've used SQL*Forms 2.3 on a 286 with 3 megs of RAM and found it    bearable. For SQL*Forms 3.0, I don't know about performance.    Technically, it should be possible on a 286 so long as you    have enough RAM. Performance wise, it might not cut it.   

   I have an IBM PS/2 386 which, for me is just about bearable    for Forms 3.0.

>What would have a network in place with the PCs being used solely as client
>platforms; running SQL*Net and runform. Will these applications run on these
>old machines?

   If they're not afraid of Unix, perhaps you can persuade them to    get SCO Unix on a PC server. Then you can use any PC (808x on up)    as simply a dumb terminal. All you'd need then are serial lines    (minimum) to each PC. Or, you could still use existing network    cards to telnet to the SCO box.

Rich Holowczak
Rutgers University

>-- Graeme
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