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In article <2ev452$>, (Gunnar Orvarsson) writes:
> Hi,
> We are running an Oracle 6 server on a single database server, running
> SunOS 4.1.3. As soon as possible we will be upgrading the operating
> system of the server to Solaris 2.3 and the Oracle version to 7.<something>.
> We have a few workstations running Solaris 2.1 already. We would like to hook
> our DAT tape drive to one of them. It is our only drive, and the one we are
> using nightly for our Oracle exports.
> My question is: Would it be safe to use the Oracle 7 exp client for Solaris
> 2.1, running on the machine that has the tape drive connected to it, exporting
> from a remote Oracle 6 database server? Could something go wrong? We would
> not want to risk our exports, if this is not 100% safe, but it would be nice
> if it was.
> If this is not safe, could a command like:
> <oracle server>% exp .... FILE=stdout | rsh <tape server> dd of=/dev/...
> be used safely instead?
> Best regards,
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We were running VAX/VMS Client to Amdahl/MVS Server and had some problems with EXP/IMP across the two because of slightly different EXP/IMP Views and Tables. To get around this we created the Views and Tables for EXP/IMP from the Client side and can run them Client/Server (BUT not directly from the Amdahl side unless we change the views back again). It took a while for us to even convince Oracle Corp. that the views/tables differed between platforms on the same release number of software. In the end we sent them printouts of their own creation scripts to convince them.

It should be safe to do what you plan but be aware of this incompatibility problem; which may be MUCH worse when using different major releases.


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