Re: DB creation failure during install

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Date: 13 Dec 93 23:22:59 EST
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In article <>, (David A. Titzer) writes:
> Hi,
> During the install, DB creation fails. The log shows
> SQL*DBA coming up, the Password prompt, and ORA-01031: insufficent
> priviledges as the first error.
> I run the install as root, set the passwords as requested
> during the install, etc. I'm an SA that's not experienced with
> ORACLE installation, only Ingres.
> Does anyone know what it is I could be overlooking?
have you created the dba group and assigned it to the oracle account? You need to do that so that oracle has the ability to do a CONNECT INTERNAL.

I don't know what flavor of UNIX you are playing with. The creation of the dba group is documented on page 2-4 of the Solaris 2.2 installation guide.

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