Re: memory and timing wanted in Oracle version 7.0

From: Michael Nolan <>
Date: 14 Dec 1993 02:06:55 GMT
Message-ID: <2ej73v$> (Mahesh Vallampati) writes:

:1 ) I want to time a query in SQL*Plus. But I am not looking for
:time before execution and time after execution and finding the difference.
:I want a more accurate timing result. Any pointers will be deeply

try this:

set timing on;
set prompt off;
YOUR QUERY GOES HERE On my system this gives the execution time in 100th's of a second, but I don't know what the true granularity is. (It does include parsing time.)

I don't know exactly how useful a high degree of precision on your timings is, either, because I've run some large queries on a fairly quiet system and gotten results with more than 25% variance. (And have tried running large queries on other tables in between timed trials in the hopes of avoiding having the difference be caused by memory caching.)

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