proc 1.3 and window dll

From: Laurent Chavey <>
Date: 13 Dec 1993 01:01:49 GMT
Message-ID: <2egett$>

We are using Oracle and window at work to develop our next generation of sofware, But after two years of development, and many frustration with oracle, we have hit a low.

When trying to load dll ourselves, we keep on having oracle trashing our memory when we free these dll.

Here is an example

main.exe > h1 = loadlib(second.dll)
main.exe > get funcptr in h1 
main.exe> call funcptr

second.dll> h2 = loadlib<a_dll_containing_oracle_sql_statements>
second.dll> get funcptr in h2
second.dll> call funcptr
oracle_dll>exec sql savepoint
oracle_dll>exec query


main.exe> exec sql commit release.

		here we have a problem, somewhere oracle has kept
		a reference to h2 and crashes, once in a while it is
		a dpmi error, other thime a progman else....
		We truly believe that the memory management is incorrect,
		but being a small compagny by oracle standard, no help from

We have tried to diconnect in the oracle.dll and that works, this to reinforce our idea that it has to do with the module hanlde. has anyone ever done anything like this. If so please lets talk thank you very much. PS if you are in Sacramento stop by Hansen information Technology, and if you have the answer, you may get the job on the spot. (ask for Nancy Lorraine). Received on Mon Dec 13 1993 - 02:01:49 CET

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