Re: ORA-00602 on VMS

From: Robert Sechrest Ext 21856 <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 01:12:14 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In article <> you wrote:
: Hello group,

: I'm getting an ORA-00602 when doing an insert into a field with
: a trigger on it. I'm reporting it to Oracle, but I thought I'd
: get good info from you guys.

: Platform is VMS v5-5.2
: ORACLE7 Server Release - Production
: With the procedural, distributed, and Parallel Server options
: PL/SQL Release - Production

[... some particulars omitted ...]

I have gotten a similar error on 7.0.12 while using VMS. In my case, there was a SELECT statement in the trigger body which was causing the trigger to fail. I moved the offending code into a compiled procedure which I called from the trigger body, and the problem went away. Your trigger doesn't resemble mine closely (although it does change the contents of the row, and it does cause ORA-00602 with an access violation to boot), but the same process may well fix it.

Good luck,
Robert Sechrest, LMSC

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