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From: Jim Kramer <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 20:46:40 GMT
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Sorry, I didn't see the original note regarding CPU time. I was just "emoting" about a burr in my own saddle that's CONTINUALLY POKING ME! Still, I find that if you're going to use RDB's (and Oracle's the only "R" db I know) you spend alot of precious time tweaking the damned thing
(time that could be better spent actually PRODUCING something
for your employer)!

As for DB design, well, usually we haven't got alot to say about which underlying technology we use (for instance, if one is unlucky enough to inherit an installed application base) so tuning is usually the only venue open to us. However, if one finds his/her self in that lucky position where a technology decision CAN be made we should REALLY LOOK HARD at whether relational database technology is even APPROPRIATE for the job we're doing. If you're really transaction intensive, then you just might be stuck. But for warehouse and archive type applications I'm beginning to wonder if the old keyed flat file might not be any worse than what we're stuck with now. Ok, maybe that's a little exaggeration ... the point is "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" Personally, I think alot of us use these tools just so we don't have to write our own file handling routines (I'm guilty of that). But, my god, we are programmers! Right? Maybe someone should remind our good friends at Oracle (don't take this personally y'all) that even if they are the biggest fish in the pond ... there are tons of fishin' holes all up and down this lane, and I for one ain't afraid of a little walk!

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