Re: Toad is locking table in oracle

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 14:18:29 +0100
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> shakespeare wrote:
>> "zino" <> schreef in bericht
>>> We just got Toad
>>> we noticed that every time an end user is working on a table (sinple
>>> select statement) from his end, the table will get locked and stay as,
>>> until this user's statement is finished or he close his session. Is
>>> that normal with oracle or is there something can be done on Toad
>>> side.
>>> thanks for help
>> Put Toad in read only query mode, or better: don't use Toad at all. It's
>> famous for locking tables.
> I've used TOAD for years, and never had a problem with locking tables.
> (Yeah, it'll lock tables if you issue a select for update, or update
> without committing, or do DDL, but that's all expected.)
> Something weird is going on. Not sure what, but out of the box there's no
> locking for a simple select.
> //Walt [Quoted] [Quoted]
But browsing a table and clicking on an entry in the result grid will.... even if you don't edit at all.
I have seen several customer sites where TOAD was absolutely forbidden for this behaviour. Sure, it's not the tool, but how you use it..... I used Toad for years without any complaints.
It's the 'until this user's statement is finished' that worries me most....

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