Re: Toad is locking table in oracle

From: Walt <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 14:08:18 -0500
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Shakespeare wrote:
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[Quoted] >> I've used TOAD for years, and never had a problem with locking tables. 
>> (Yeah, it'll lock tables if you issue a select for update, or update 
>> without committing, or do DDL, but that's all expected.)

> But browsing a table and clicking on an entry in the result grid will....
> even if you don't edit at all.

Not that I have experienced. Oracle 10.2/W2k3, Toad 9.1, plus earlier versions.

Looking at a table in the Schema Browser does not lock anything. Clicking on a cel in the grid will not lock anything.

OTOH, changing the value of a cel in the grid *will* lock the record (just like issuing an update without a commit), but as long as you understand what it's doing it's not a problem.

Granted, the grid interface for tables in the Schema browser gives you an easy way to update records - Just edit a cel and TOAD issues an update, then click the button to commit or rollback. If this makes it too easy and you wind up inadverdently issuing updates, find another tool. I've never found it to be a problem.

TOAD is a sharp tool, and it'll allow you to be dangerous if you don't understand it. Just like any useful tool. Don't give it to people who can't use it properly.

BTW, Oracle's SQL Developer has a similar table grid interface, but it doesn't issue any updates (or do any locking) until you commit. Perhaps that's a better model, I'm agnostic - either is fine as long as you understand what it's doing.

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