MI5 Persecution: Clapham South 17/2/00 (13540)

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Date: 17 Nov 2007 12:00:45 GMT
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Clapham South (17/Feb/2000)

Certainty level: 100%

In February 2000, MI5's hate campaign against me was in full swing. They sent people into the road where I live in south London, to swear at me and abuse me as I was leaving or returning home. One such instance is recorded on the above audio file.

On Thursday 17 February 2000, I had just left my home, en route for Croydon, when two youths approached, going in the other direction. One of them said with a smile on his face something which I didn't recognize, and still don't understand despite it being on this audio clip. His demeanour made it clear his statement was directed at me. I coughed, and in response to that, he continued his insult, calling me a "wanker", which is very clearly recorded on this audio clip.

Two days later, in the very early morning of Sunday 20 February 2000, MI5 inflicted another insult against me just outside my house, when, returning from Croydon, two youths approached (MI5 agents always go in packs of at least two - they're too cowardly to go anywhere on their own) and one of them said quietly and bitterly to the other that "he's shitty, very shitty".

It is still comparatively rare for MI5 to send people to my house, or to my road, to harass me. Usually they know where I'm going to, since they have bugs on my phone and in each room of my house; and they send people to that location, or on the train or tube getting there.


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