Batch Job for Oracle

From: Michal AKA Miki <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 16:30:21 +0100
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[Quoted] Good day

[Quoted] I wanted to ask for little tip about batch job for Oracle.. In fact I have no big experience in oracle, only some basic administration, good ODBC with excel, some programming skills, when I need to write a script or small application..

Ok, let's go to the point...
We have oracle database with some infos, and I need to create periodical reports generated periodically (weekly, monthly, daily, etc). For now we are using my Excel sheet with VBA code, but this thing is not very good, because it consumes somebody's time and (what is worse) user needs to have Oracle client software installed on the machine.. It does not make any sense, to have client to get one report per month... So I wanted to create a batch job, which can be started with WIndows Scheduler and execute sql query on selected database - rest is easy for me...

[Quoted] I tried to search google, but I quickly get lost - I wanted something what is a simple freeware tool, or (even better) is included in oracle installation (version 9). Only thing I found are some high cost software with lots of unnecessary junk..

Do you have any idea for this trouble?

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