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From: Tony_Miller <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:10:19 -0600
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application express.. it installs into the database, you build the report and have it dump as an excel spreadsheet whenever the user wants.. all they need is a browser to access it!

"Michal AKA Miki" <> wrote in message news:fhn1eh$1e5$
> Good day
> I wanted to ask for little tip about batch job for Oracle..
> In fact I have no big experience in oracle, only some basic
> administration, good ODBC with excel, some programming skills, when I need
> to write a script or small application..
> Ok, let's go to the point...
> We have oracle database with some infos, and I need to create periodical
> reports generated periodically (weekly, monthly, daily, etc). For now we
> are using my Excel sheet with VBA code, but this thing is not very good,
> because it consumes somebody's time and (what is worse) user needs to have
> Oracle client software installed on the machine.. It does not make any
> sense, to have client to get one report per month...
> So I wanted to create a batch job, which can be started with WIndows
> Scheduler and execute sql query on selected database - rest is easy for
> me...
> I tried to search google, but I quickly get lost - I wanted something what
> is a simple freeware tool, or (even better) is included in oracle
> installation (version 9). Only thing I found are some high cost software
> with lots of unnecessary junk..
> Do you have any idea for this trouble?
> Regards
> Michal
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