Re: suggestions for good graphical DB query builder

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 08:03:43 -0700
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Tony Rogerson wrote:

>> While transporting all of your data, all of it, unsecured across a
>> network and duplicating it inside SQL Server. Well that make's sense.

> First of all it can be secured - perhaps you should stop myth spreading
> or are you in Denial Again?

[Quoted] [Quoted] Microsoft = Windows = Insecure by definition.

> Reporting Services and BO query the data directly from Oracle as a data
> source - Reporting Services is simply a reporting product that you get
> as part of the SQL Server product set - unlike Oracle you you don't need
> to buy it seperately.

[Quoted] You mean SQL Server is now free to Oracle customers? Where?

> Time you did some research.

[Quoted] Time you stopped being a Microsoft troll in an Oracle usenet group.

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