selectionState not redisplayed

From: Ewout <>
Date: 24 Apr 2007 02:16:16 -0700
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[Quoted] (I don't know if I'm posting this question to the right news group. If not, then please excuse me, and please point me to a more appropriate group.)

I have created a page with two af:table components. The first table is a tableSelectOne, and the second a tableSelectMany. When the user selects an entry in the first table, the data in the second table is refreshed. When the user has selected one or more entries in the second table, he can click on a button Process. The selected lines are carried over to a second page, where the selected entires are displayed and where the user can confirm the processing of the entries. On the second page, there is also a Back-button. When the Back-button is pressed, the user is taken back to the first page. However, on the first page, the selections are gone. All selection boxes are empty. This is not what I want.

In both tables, I have included a line to bind the selection state to an attribute in the backing bean, like so: selectionState="#{warehouseBean.shipmentSelections}". The backing bean contains the required getters and setters.

Does anyone know why the selections are not redisplayed?

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