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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:05:18 -0700
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Ewout wrote:
> (I don't know if I'm posting this question to the right news group. If
> not, then please excuse me, and please point me to a more appropriate
> group.)
> I have created a page with two af:table components. The first table is
> a tableSelectOne, and the second a tableSelectMany. When the user
> selects an entry in the first table, the data in the second table is
> refreshed. When the user has selected one or more entries in the
> second table, he can click on a button Process. The selected lines are
> carried over to a second page, where the selected entires are
> displayed and where the user can confirm the processing of the
> entries. On the second page, there is also a Back-button. When the
> Back-button is pressed, the user is taken back to the first page.
> However, on the first page, the selections are gone. All selection
> boxes are empty. This is not what I want.
> In both tables, I have included a line to bind the selection state to
> an attribute in the backing bean, like so:
> selectionState="#{warehouseBean.shipmentSelections}". The backing bean
> contains the required getters and setters.
> Does anyone know why the selections are not redisplayed?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ewout

It might be easier to help you if somewhere in what you posted you had included a product name and a version.

Otherwise the answer is 42.

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