Re: Intermittent SQLNET errors

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:54:33 -0700
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> You mention App Servers, ODBC, SQLNET, BEQ.
> How precisely are the clients connecting?
> ------------------------------------
> clients are either CFM or ASP pages that are connecting using Microsoft
> ADO, which in itself uses ODBC drivers. We are using both MS ODBC for
> Oracle and Oracle ODBC drivers. the trace does not tell us which
> drivers are responsible for the errors.
> all connection are to the database server which resides on a local
> network, all connections as defined in tnsnames.ora are TCP. all host
> resolutions are using HOSTS file
> this is why the BEQ protocol you see in the sqlnet.log file is a
> mystery. as I said, I happened on an old post that stated the same:
> they were using only TCP connections, but saw these errors in
> sqlnet.log
> DB server uses dedicated server technology, version
> do you want me to post the trace files? these are VERY large, and I
> said before I see no error message at all. all I "see" is a break of
> between few seconds to almost a minute in which there is no recorded
> activity, as opposed to normal which is ~2500 lines/second (trace level
> 6). these breaks match the time at which the web server is not
> responsive

I think you could spend a lot of time playing with this or just open a TAR at metalink.

Were it me I'd try a SQL*Plus connection from the client and run the same code and see what happens. That would indicate whether the issue is the database or your client and its connection: I suspect the later.

Daniel A. Morgan
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