Re: dbDeveloper

From: Azhar <>
Date: 29 Aug 2005 06:00:39 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Bagieta wrote:
> The next version of the popular multi-database tool - dbDeveloper 2.00
> has been released today!
> The dbDeveloper is a very cheap and advanced database management tool
> for Oracle and other databases. This tool is mainly aimed at database
> developer, programmers, and end users.
> Based on user feedback, there are numerous bugfixes, improvements and
> new features like:
> SQL Code Formatter,
> ERD Diagrams generator (reverse engineer),
> SQL Server 2005 support,
> Help added,
> Constraint creator,
> and many others.
> Download a trial at:

[Quoted] Salam To All....

I use this Tool But it is not as Good as PLSQL/Developer. It has good options but it is not suitable for rapid application developement required in Professional Application development, If it has some more Suitable options Please Send me. Thanks..... Received on Mon Aug 29 2005 - 15:00:39 CEST

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