Re: Oracle Discoverer Viewer crosstab drill down hierarchy

From: Marino Ljubic <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:13:09 +0100
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[Quoted] [Quoted] "DA Morgan" <> wrote in message news:1106957948.114048_at_yasure
> wrote:
>> Aloha from Hawaii,
>> Does anybody know how to construct a drill down item hierarchy?
>> Using Discoverer 9iAS Viewer, I want to be able to drill down by
>> different items and sub items. Is any documentation to get me
>> started? Sincerely,
>> Benjamin
> Yes. For documents look at
> and or hit a bookstore.

[Quoted] Just another useless answer.

[Quoted] Hierarchies are created with Discoverer Administrator. If you want a summary-to-detail drill between items in different folders, you will need an item class.

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