Re: XML data files

From: Tim Arnold <>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 09:01:29 -0500
Message-ID: <>

"Joyce Moore" <> wrote in message
> We're negotiating with an ASP that we need to exchange files with.
> They do all their data exchanges in XML format. Our database is
> 8.1.7, so whatever nice XML tools come in 9i aren't available to us.
> I'd appreciate advice on the best way to get the data from their XML
> files loaded into our relational tables. (This is just data, no need
> to store XML in the database.) From there, we can update our
> production tables selectively.
> If this is going to be really complicated, it may make more sense to
> have them produce a flat file we can read in with SQLloader; that
> would cost something for them to develop, but it might be worth it.
> Producing the XML files from our database to send to them shouldn't
> be hard. And all this must run on a Unix machine unattended.
> Any ideas appreciated.
> Joyce

First suggestion is to get:

"Building Oracle XML Applications" from O'Reilly by Steve Muench - this will show you how to load xml files into your database Received on Thu Nov 25 2004 - 15:01:29 CET

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