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From: Joyce Moore <jm5h_at_andrew.cmu.edu>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 15:16:35 -0500
Message-ID: <14EDE4982372774B0DCF1566_at_JMOORE.AS.cmu.edu>

[Quoted] [Quoted] We're negotiating with an ASP that we need to exchange files with. They do all their data exchanges in XML format. Our database is 8.1.7, so whatever nice XML tools come in 9i aren't available to us.

I'd appreciate advice on the best way to get the data from their XML files loaded into our relational tables. (This is just data, no need to store XML in the database.) From there, we can update our production tables selectively.

If this is going to be really complicated, it may make more sense to have them produce a flat file we can read in with SQLloader; that would cost something for them to develop, but it might be worth it. Producing the XML files from our database to send to them shouldn't be hard. And all this must run on a Unix machine unattended.

Any ideas appreciated.
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