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[Quoted] [Quoted] Note : you may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations.  

XYZ Company is a car Production Company. It has four factories and many distribution outlets spread across the country. The company keeps online records of the sales of its cars. It also creates batched production schedules on the basis of the sales of the car. The car production is done at a nearest factory so that the cost of transfer of cars to distribution center is minimized. Each factory also maintains its inventory. The company maintains a distributed database management system keeping all the above information. The following information may be stored in the Distribution and Inventory management system of the company: (Please note that the following description may lead to un-normalized relations, normalize them wherever required. You may also add more tables as per your analysis)

Data Store Name	Description
Distribution outlets	It includes outlet code, outlet name, outlet
address, list of car models, sales made for each model etc.
Factory	It may be keeping information about each car inventory items
(Model Wise). It includes item code, item name, model in which this item is used in a single Car unit, and quantity in stock, time taken to produce a batch of 100 corset. This information is stored factory wise. Each factory will have separate minimum stock and reorder level based on its capacity.
Batched order It includes details on overall sales of cars at various outlets; all such sales are put together to generate a consolidated order for factories. On the basis of such orders the factories make cars.

Assume that only following two applications exists:

  1. Keeping track of status of inventory so that the delays in production of cars can be minimized. Proper reorder level should be kept so that a given order of cars is completed with full assembly load in desired time.
  2. It evaluates the performance of each distribution outlet of the company. Design a distributed database assuming that at present the company has only 10 outlets. Also assume statistics, which justifies your design.

Your design should include:

I.	The global schema, fragmentation schema and allocation schema.
II.	SQL commands / application code for above queries / applications.
III.	How the response for application 1 and 2 will be generated?
Assuming these are global queries, explain how various fragments will be combined to generate the query response. IV. Implement the database at least using a centralized database management system (make suitable adjustments in your design)

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