Re: SQL*LOADER different types of records

From: K <>
Date: 24 Oct 2004 23:27:23 -0700
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Hi Turkbear,

Thanks for the suggestion, however there's the possibility the records to be loaded also contain NULL values, so counting those won't work...


Turkbear <> wrote in message news:<1098452343.sDm7k0D8L47esTVvBexh2Q_at_teranews>...

> I am not sure you can with SqlLoader..
> You could create an interim table with the number of columns equal to the maximum # of fields that can be in the load file
> and set the default value of all the columns to NULL.
> After loading the data use the NULL values to test as to which table to insert the records into..
> Like
> Update table3 select c1,c2,c3 from interim_table
> where c4 is NULL and c5 is NULL;
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