Re: how create common tables for an user group?

From: Michel Cadot <micadot{at}altern{dot}org>
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 18:51:02 +0200
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> I have Oracle 9i enterprise.
> I've been creating a db and other objects (users, workspaces, roles,
> profiles,...), but I don' t know how I can create a set of common tables
> where all the users I've had created can work.
> At the moment, if I creat a table in a user squeme, and other users want to
> access to this table, they have to put first the user's name.
> Example:
> select * from user.table
> What I want is to avoid that, and only type:
> select * from table
> And that, for an user group defined by me.
> In this form, all the users could work in the same tables.
> Sorry for my speech.
> --
> Rosa Mª Sánchez Garrido

Read my answer in cdo.misc
and don't cross/multi-post as we read all the cdo newsgroups.

Michel Cadot
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