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From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 19:16:07 GMT
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mo wrote:

> I means the POST TIME of my message in newsgroup is faster
> is because I'm living in another country which is different from
> yours, eg Asia. Thus, it is always on top.

This does not compute in my experience ... perhaps it is a terminology barrier.

When we say 'top or bottom posting', we refer to the way a response is entered into the copy of the email. For example, the part "> I means the POST TIME" is above this paragraph. Relative to the paragraph, I have 'bottom' posted, and I have eliminated unnecessary material.

When you respond, can you type anywhere in the copy of the response, especially if you want to highlight a specific point? Can you remove any of the original post to which you respond?

> I just want to know a best way of learning Oracle Developer
> - form builder, and I don't think which version, no matter 6i/8i/9i
> will have a great difference for this issue.

The version make a BIG difference because there are many differences in capabilities, differences in installation, differences in learning curve, and especially differences in the style of answer you will get here.

You should learn Oracle Developer Suite 10g. But only after you have become comfortable with the Oracle9i database or Oracle10g Database 10g. This is because the Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports parts of the Developer Suite assume you have a reasonable ORacle database background.

A lot of information, such as what this is capable of doing, and examples using Oracle's tutorials, can be found at - and for Developer Suite specifically at

Oracle provides a section there called "Oracle By Example". Use that as a step-by-step introduction.

If you can purchase them, I highly recommend the book "Mastering Oracle SQL" as well as Thomas Kyte's books - "Expert one-on-one Oracle" and "Effective Oracle by Design". Both have examples and will help you.

Decide on your operating system as well. For plain database, I suggest Linux. TELL US what operating system you use, or might use, when asking questions here. There are some very subtle but nasty differences and we will not be able help you if you dont give us complete information.

Finally, plan on studying a long time. It is reasonable, using an Oracle course or other course, get an introduction to the tools in a few weeks. You must plan on at least 6 months of serious effort simply to become proficient. However, to master Oracle Forms requires a long time, measured in years. Received on Sat Sep 04 2004 - 21:16:07 CEST

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