Re: oracle rman backup and restore...

From: Volker Hetzer <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:28:07 +0200
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"박형석" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:ca968t$7lo$
> when i try to backup or restore using rman, i wanna send backup data or
> receive resotore date from another server or local host .
> But i don't want to use DISK or Tape. Just using port. And another software
> use that port.
> How can i make rman script?
You'd have to program your own media manager for rman so that rman can access it like a tape drive.
This is not trivial and, personally, I'd advise against it. Buy disks.
If neither disks nor remote tapes are an option you might to reassess your data security needs. If they are indeed low enough not to justify that investment, maybe you could think about nfs mounting another server for the duration of the backups or restores.

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