Re: sqlReview - free tool for FREE DBAs

From: <>
Date: 12 Feb 2004 04:02:20 -0800
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"Ron" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Hello Daniel,
> I believe what you did is unethical. You just leave many DBAs with no
> chance to have a good tool in their toolbox.
You can't mean this seriously. Or is the sole reason for your attempt to reinvent the wheel? There are *numerous* tools out there, many of them free.
Why would anyone need Sql*Review?
Guess once people have downloaded the 'free' tool, they will be either spammed to buy DBA infosupports services, or they will be forced to pay for the next 'upgrade'

The unethical thingy is solely on your side.

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA Received on Thu Feb 12 2004 - 13:02:20 CET

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