Re: Reports 3.0 Matrix Report

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 22:11:58 GMT
Message-ID: <O8Zx3.6571$>

Sorting on any break group is unaffected by the order by in the underlying query.
This is true if it is a matrix or any grouped report. Sorting will be by the values of the break columns in the break group.

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Louise Weiler wrote in message ...

>I'm trying to create a matrix report in Reports 3.0. My query is a UNION
>two queries, with an explicit order by. (Basically, I want the results of
>the first query followed by the results of the second query.) However, in
>the matrix report, it appears that the order by is completely disregarded,
>and things are printed in strict ascending order.
>Is there a way around this (besides splitting my UNION into two queries,
>which makes the formatting go haywire)?
>Thanks for any info...
>-- Louise
>Louise J Weiler
>Ballston Lake, NY
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