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From: Anthony Woodell <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:08:53 -0700
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On the NT platform you should find a file, called the password file, in the  Orant\database directory named   pwd<instance>.ora.    For example, if your instance name is orcl, then the file will be called   PWDORCL.ORA.  It may also be hidden.  When we create a database on nt using tools like the database assistant (v8) or the NT instance manager (v7).  The file is used to validate super user dba logons to the database, such as CONNECT INTERNAL/ORACLE or CONNECT SYS/ORACLE AS SYSDBA.

The original password for both userids connecting to Oracle in the above fashion has been set to ORACLE.  If you want to change this password, you have to remove the password file and recreate it with a new password with a command like this:

C:\orant\database>  orapwd80 file=PWDORCL.ORA password=ravi

When the database was created, we created a user in the Database called SYS with a password of CHANGE_ON_INSTALL.  On NT when you change SYS's password with the ALTER USER <uid> IDENTIFIED BY <newpwd>;  you only change the password in the database, not in the password file (other platforms work differently).

Be careful because there are some .cmd files that use the password of ORACLE.


Ravi Kondamuru wrote:

Hi,     I have been able to change the password of SYS from the default. However I have found that the alias "INTERNAL" still has the default password. Can someone help me understand how to change the password for INTERNAL. thanks, - Ravi.
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