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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:04:59 GMT
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what you are looking for is called webforms server, which can simulate existing *.fmx files in a java applett with the same functionality as the runform. To prevent errors from the browsers JVM, use Oracle jinitiator.
You need to run on a server: a webserver&listener, forms listener, web request broker and the webforms server(which will start togather with the forms listener).
Ofcourse there are some nice traps like button icons which need to be converted as gif´s to make them visible, but as summary it works ok.

Kreg, Michael

In article <>,   Sven Olsson <> wrote:
> The Oracle salesman told us (a member of our team) that migrating our
> existing
> applications to the web was easy. We bought Developer & 8i to
> accomplish
> this task. We have many forms with many PL/SQL triggers behind them.
> question is, to make the existing forms web-ready, don't they have to
> converted
> to html & java? I have been ready every paper that I could download,
> and
> have found lots of stuff on NEW development, but not on converting OLD
> stuff. How is this conversion to html & java done? Can Developer
> convert
> PL/SQL to java automatically?
> Thanks very much,
> Sven
> I do not have the ability to test any of this yet as I am waiting on a
> computer.

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