Re: Precompiler foreign function call in Form

From: Johan Wegener <xjw_at_xdde.xdk>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 08:37:40 +0200
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Zhao Fu <> skrev i en nyhedsmeddelelse:7opfgo$kc0$ [snip]
> But when I call the Pro*C function, I got an connection error. It seems
> that I cannot connect to the Oracle database. Later, I read from the
> manual of "User Exit", it says "You do not need to perform an
> explicit CONNECT in an Oracle Precompiler foreign function because Oracle
> Forms establishes the connection automatically." So, I remove the

First of all, you can indeed create a separate connection from your user exit using the
"EXEC SQL CONNECT .... AT .... USING ...;" syntax.

> connection code from my Pro*C function, then I got an Oracle error, the
> error type was not specified in the output. As this error occurs at the
> first SQL command in my Pro*C code, I suspect it is due to connection
> problem.

It is really difficult to guess what's happening on this basis. Wouldn't it be possible for you to return the Oracle error code to your form using "EXEC TOOL SET...." or the "EXEC TOOL MESSAGE ...." directives so that you can see the error? Without an error code or snippets from your source code, is it kinda hard.

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