Problems using 3rd Party C++ STL Libraries with Pro* C++

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 06:14:22 GMT
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hi everyone,

we are using a 3rd party C++ library from Object Space and which supports STL conventions.

and when we include a file say


the proc*C precompiler is having trouble including the file.

The above file is located in /opt/toolkit/ospace/std/

and that file has preprocessor directives to include a file from /opt/toolkit/ospace/string/string.h.

we are using a Custom Makefile, in which we have used the INCLUDE option for the Precompiler to specify

it normally work well with just C++ compilers, but with the precompiler the files are not included the following error occurs

#include <ospace/std/istream>
PCC-S-02015, unable to open include file Error at line 23, column 10 in file /opt/toolkit/ospace/stream/strbuf.h
#include <ospace/std/ostream>
PCC-S-02015, unable to open include file

can anyone let me know what i am missing out or doing wrong.

thanks in advance.

Aroon Ramadoss

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