Re: Pro C/C++ precompiler error: "unidentified identifier"

From: Thomas Kyte <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 17:42:11 GMT
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>I'm a begginer to Pro C/C++ but a good MFC and
>Visual C++ programmer. I'm trying to precompile
>an example I found in the Pro C/C++ documentation
>and keep getting the following error:
>Semantic error at line 72, column 19, file H:
>//////////////////////end of error
>I also get the same errror whenever I try to use
>host variables.
>The example I'm using is a direct copy and paste
>from the Pro C/C++ documentation I found on the
>Oracle web site. So, all the host variables are


1- put
 ... host variables ....
EXEC SQL END DECLAE SECTION; in the code around host variables or

2- add:

to the pro*c command line.

as it is, pro*c on windows defaults to parse=none so it is not 'reading' the C [Quoted] code, its just looking for EXEC SQL directives, and hence its not seeing any variables.

>Does anyone know what might be the solution?
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See for my column 'Digging-in to Oracle8i'...  

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