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From: Sybrand Bakker <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 09:40:53 +0200
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Hi Jimmy,

Oracle 7.4? Is that Oracle 7.3.4 or Oracle 8 (went to an Oracle 8 New Features course, where the instructor admitted that Oracle 8 could be better be called Oracle 7.4) :)
1) I usually do that because often a) I want to reorganize b) I don't want to get rid of the old db immediately.
Tablespaces are only created correctly if a) you created that second rollback segment in the system tablespace immediately after db creation
b) you specify destroy=y on the imp commandline. Otherwise it will detect the files are there and refuse to create them. Destroy=y is equivalent to create tablespace xyz datafile abc reuse. 2) I don't see why they would be skipped. They are in the export, they have tablespace system in their create statements, what would you expect? If you want to relocate them do the following

a) make sure the default tablespace of the user is not system
b) make sure the user doesn't have resource privilege
c) make sure the user has quota on the destination tablespace only
(alter user <user> quota unlimited on <destination tablespace>;)

Sybrand Bakker, Oracle DBA

Jimmy wrote in message <>...
>Hello all,
> I am using export (full export) to a file in Oracle 7.1 and now
>want to import this file to Oracle 7.4. I have some questions about
>1) Should I create the tablespaces (same path and name as in the old
>database) in the new database (Oracle 7.4) before import this file? Will
>import automatically create the datafiles (same path and name as in the
>old database) in the new databases during import?
>2) If the SYSTEM tablespace contains user tables in the old database,
>will all these user tables import to the new database? And why?
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