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From: David Russell <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 19:05:19 GMT
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> I am using export (full export) to a file in Oracle 7.1 and now
>want to import this file to Oracle 7.4. I have some questions about

I don't like "full export" as much as exporting a single user at a time.... In the "old days" you could actually import system tables more than once... "dtab" had 42 rows, and after a full import it had 84 rows, and then 126, and 168... It was BAD... and required that script you see everywhere now for removing duplicate rows...

>1) Should I create the tablespaces (same path and name as in the old
>database) in the new database (Oracle 7.4) before import this file?

tablespaces don't have "paths"... the datafiles do though... You probably want your user's created before importing, and their default tablespace and temporary tablespace should be created appropriately... which means you should also create the tablespaces -- and make space for your data with the datafiles.

If you've putting this database on the same machine, you obviously don't want the same path AND names... you will need to change the mount point -- the rest can be the same though...

>import automatically create the datafiles (same path and name as in the
>old database) in the new databases during import?

No. Additionally you might want to consider making your objects (from a script that does this) and making sure they are in the correct tablespace... and then when you import you must "ignore errors on create"... or the import will fail... This is a good way to get those stray objects out of the system tablespace.

>2) If the SYSTEM tablespace contains user tables in the old database,
>will all these user tables import to the new database? And why?

yes, they will import... but, hopefully you will have followed this, or similar advice, and the old user objects from system will be created elsewhere.

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