From: pholder <pholder_at_email.msn.com>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 13:58:00 -0400
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I am trying to develope a ms v++ 6.0 dll that will interface with oracle using OO4O ver 2.3. I need to be able to call a stored procedure that has out or
in/out parameters and upon return from the call to the stored procedure be able to directly examine the values in these variables. The documentation that comes with the OO4O refers to using dynasets and cursors to do this, but I will not always need to use cursors. The OO4O docs says the parameters of type OParameter can be used as in/out in parameters in calls to stored procedures but methods on how to access this information is not very clear.


// Adding Parameters to the be used in call to stored procedure...
m_database.GetParameters().Add("EMPID",1111, OPARAMETER_INVAR , OTYPE_NUMBER);
m_database.GetParameters().Add("NAME" ,"" , OPARAMETER_OUTVAR, OTYPE_VARCHAR2);
m_database.GetParameters().Add("ORGID",35 , OPARAMETER_OUTVAR, OTYPE_NUMBER);
// Call to stored procedure

m_database.ExecuteSQL("Begin cimx008.ValidateEmployee(:ORGID,:EMPID,:NAME); END;");
// Now i need to be able to examine the value in the parameter Name which
is filled in by the call to the stored procedure. There
// does not seem to be an easy way to do this directly. I could create a
cursor with a parameter, but in this case it would be
// an overkill.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Received on Thu May 20 1999 - 19:58:00 CEST

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