Re: Reports 2.5 Unix runs for one ORACLE_SID, but not for another...

From: Mike Rose <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 03:40:30 GMT
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[Quoted] When I mentioned 'alias' I mean the Oracle SQL*Net alias that has been established in the LISTENER.ora file on the server and MUST be in your TNSNAMES.ora file.

For each database (you said there are two), you must address them inside the report by their SQL*Net alias so that you are logging on to the appropriate database before the report runs.

[Quoted] Imagine using SQL*Plus to report from each database (SQL*Net alias):


    Execute the Report...


    Execute the Report...

Mike Rose

Arjan van Bentem <> wrote in message news:7h4oug$5il$
> Mike Rose wrote
> > You may need two reports, one for each database (alias)
> In fact, Oracle Reports does not even read the report until it is logged
> the database. If the report xyz.rdf does not exist then
> r25runm xyz.rdf batch=yes
> runs as expected, *after* the login. That is: Oracle Reports prompts for
> username and password. When it is correct it will check if the report in
> exists, and indeed shows an error as xyz.rdf cannot be found. However, for
> second ORACLE_SID, r25runm does not even come to the stage where it checks
> the report can be found. All it does is keep prompting for the username
> password.
> So, for now, the report is not the problem but some settings prevent
> from connecting to the database...
> Arjan.
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