Re: Forms4.5 Problem

From: Mark Styles <>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 12:57:22 GMT
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] Apparently, there is a new built-in in Forms 5.0 called set_item_instance_property, which does exactly this.

Not much good if you're stuck in 4.5 like me!

You can get around it using images of different colours, but it's a tad slow. I haven't found a more elegant solution yet.

Wed, 04 Nov 1998 12:54:44 +0000, Michael McLaughlin <> rambled:
> concerning the problem below.....if I wanted to change the colour
>of 'f' without
>affecting the colour of 'c', how would I do this? I have tried using
>'When-new-item-instance' on the block, and using visual attributes to
>the colour.
>Works fine for the record you are currently focused in. However, it is
>changes the colour of the rest of the column!!

>> > I have a multi-record block:
>> >
>> > column1 column2 column3
>> > --------- --------- ---------
>> > row1 a b c
>> > row2 d e f
Mark Styles
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