Re: Issues Installing Oracle Developer Suite 10G for the first time on my PC?

From: Peter Schneider <>
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 12:10:51 +0100
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Am 01.03.2014 11:36, schrieb Mladen Gogala:
> On Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:46:51 -0800, wE|rd0 wrote:
>> I am trying to install Oracle Developer Suite 10G for the first time
>> on my PC(purchased the DVD from the market). When i run the setup file,
>> a black command window type appears and its written in white text:
> What "market"? Oracle software can be legally bought from Oracle Corp. or
> a legal re-seller. There is no "market" where you can buy and sell Oracle
> DVD. To install Oracle software you need a permission from the Oracle
> Corp., called a "license". Buying an Oracle DVD on the Canal St. is not
> recommended.
> Contact the market and ask for the proper version and possibly a CSI,
> which would enable you to open a support ticket.

You can still download the DevSuite from Oracle with an OTN license, so I don't see any legal trouble here if the OP uses it within the scope and limits of that license, independent of whereever he might have got it from.


As to you remarks regarding that Oracle products (or any software products) cannot be resold, you should probably be aware that here in the EU there have been some court trials to clarify that, indeed, you can legally sell "used" software licenses, given that you explicitly don't use your old license any more and destroy all physical copes. It is not legal for companies forbidding their customers to resell their licenses they don't use anymore. Please google for "Usedsoft EuGH".


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