problems installing utl_dbws on Oracle EE on Win2008R2

From: Jesper Wolf Jespersen <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 23:30:26 +0100
Message-ID: <4f69051a$0$292$>


I hope someone here can help me because I am a little lost :-)

I am trying to load the java classes for the utl_dbws callout utilities into the database. Something I have done numerous times on Oracle 10.2.0.x EE on Win2003 without problems.

I am basically folowing the plan layed out in

In the step where i load the java I use the command line:

  • cut ---- loadjava -u sys/pandap5u_at_p5u -r -v -f -s -grant public -genmissing dbwsclientws.jar dbwsclientdb11.jar > loadjava.txt 2>&1
  • cut ----

Unfortunately the logfile loadjava.txt contains a number of error messages like:

  • cut ---- genmissing: com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$1 creating : class com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$1 loading : class com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$1 Error while creating class com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$1 ORA-01031: utilstrękkelige privilegier ORA-06512: ved linje 1

com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$ListenerWrapper creating : class
com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$ListenerWrapper loading : class
com/sun/jmx/interceptor/DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor$ListenerWrapper Error while creating class

     ORA-01031: utilstrękkelige privilegier ORA-06512: ved linje 1
---- cut ----

Since I am loading this into the sys schema I realy doubt the message about insuficient privileges ORA-01031, after all sys owns the database and has all the privileges required for this operation.

But can it be an OS privilege that is missing?

I am local administrator and member of the ora_dba group on the machine in question so I can logon via : "sqlplus / as sysdba" with no problem. All the work is being done in an administrator shell and thus should not lack for privileges on the OS.

There is no hint in the alert_log for things out of the ordinary.

I have tried using the utl_dbws package even though some of the Java did not load correctly.
The first call to an webservice actualy works, but not the following ones. I get a message that the returned xml is empty. But still something is working.

I dont have any other instance to play with, otherwise I would have liked to do the same on the platform I know like Windows2003. So I could distinguish between OS problems and Oracle problems.

I have been and will continue searching the net and oracle support for information relating to this.

Still I hope that someone here may be able to recognize this problem and sugest a solution. I am working with one of our top DBA's on this, but his exerience with loading java into the database is less than mine.

If you have a sugestion then please dont hesitate to write.

Greetings from Denmark
Jesper Wolf Jespersen Received on Tue Mar 20 2012 - 17:30:26 CDT

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