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Date: 20 Mar 2012 22:32:36 GMT
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Mark D Powell <> wrote in news:10177427.292.1332173922355.JavaMail.geo-discussion-forums_at_yncd14:

> SAP had a database product once before that SAP ended up giving to
> mySQL to maintain. I can't remember the name so I can search to see
> if it still exists.

They licensed Software AG's "Adabas D" product (D for Distributed, a totally different product from their mainframe Adabas), and rebranded it first to just SAP DB, later on to MaxDB. The product was developed at the Technical University of Berlin in the 70's, it became a commercial product in the early 80's owned by Nixdorf.  

> But if SAP is serious about providing a cheaper, working alternate to
> Oracle that sits under SAP then this could be very bad news for
> Oracle.
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