java in the database (10gR2 & 11gR2)

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 11:44:49 -0000
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This is on 10gR2 / 11gR2

We have a simple "hello world" type java proc in the database which we can access via a pl/sql wrapper - works fine.

Ouside of the database, we downloaded some java code (lets call it jc) which provides methods for interacting with a specific web service. We wrote a simple harness in a Java IDE and this works perfectly.

So far so good.

Now we want to be able to run jc from pl/sql.

So I think the logical thing to do is to load the jc code into the database.

However as soon as we try to run our harness (which we also compiled into the db and we know executes without any references to jc) we get errors.

At this point I am aware that it is customary to add details of code samples and the error messages we received - I do not have these to hand and in fact that is not really the question....

Because the question is: are there any specific stpes that need to be taken to enable (any) jc we load into the db to be able to access for example lower-level stuff like utl_http for example? Are there any difference between 10g and 11g in this respect (as we will need to make this work in both versions)?

The schema into which we loaded jc and are working is able to successfully execute (from within pl/sql) UTL_HTTP and get responses from remote servers.

Thanks for any pointers.

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